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Curling Wand or Curling Iron – Know What is Right for Your Hair Type

Curling wand is quite different from curling iron. These two styling tools have distinctive uses and must be used according to the types and conditions of your hair. If you are in doubt on what to use for your hair type between these two options, then you may keep in touch on the succeeding discussions since we will explain to you the difference, functions, uses and some other things about these two styling tools – curling wand and curling iron.

curling wandUsing either curling wand or curling iron is a nice option for the enhancement of your hair appearance. These two hairstyling equipment can add luscious waves and curls to your locks. However, it always depends on the appropriate tool to be utilized so that you can easily use the tools and you can achieve what you want for your hair. For you to be guided and be aided on what tools to be utilized for your hair types you can read at StraightenerGirl is a cool site for girls or you can take some pieces of information below:

Utilizing the Tool:

A curling wand does not have a grip to hold the strands on place. So, for you to curl your locks, you must have to twist the strands along the wand’s length by your own bare hands. Then, you need to hold your hair in a proper position until it is already on set. This thing can be time consuming and fiddly, especially during your first styling sessions. When you hair is already set in position, curling wand can quickly creates curls since its get very hot.

Unlike with a curling wand, a curling iron has a clasp on it. For to curl your strands, then you have to place your hair ends on the clasp and twist the styling tool so that your strands will be wrapped around it. Then, manually hold the tool on your hair until your hair is already curled. Actually, it is easier to setup some styles on your hair using a curling iron because it features a clasp which helps you in doing the hairstyling procedures. However, you have to carefully use it while on the process because the clasp of the curling iron might snag onto your hair and may cause damage and tangles.

What is the Perfect Tool for You?

Here are some of the things, suggestions and conditions that you need to consider so that you will know what kind of tool to be utilized for your hairstyling procedures:

  • Try to make use of a curling want if you want faster and smoother results.
  • You can utilize a curling iron if you will perform styling session which is not very fiddly. This type of hairstyling tool will not give you much strain in your hands or arms.

Curling Tools – The Size of Its Curls

curling wand A curling wand will let you create unusual sized curls because of the barrel’s cone shape. If you want to have thicker curls, then try to utilize thick base end. But if you want to have tighter and smaller curls, then you can make use of the pointed/thinner end. On the other hand, the barrel of a curling iron is generally uniform on its size. For you to be able to have unusual sized curls, then you need to utilize diverse size barrels or curling irons.

What is a Perfect Tool for the Size You Wanted?

Of course, there’s a perfect tool which provide better outcome for your desired hair look. If you want a simple hairstyling tool that provides curling variety, you may then opt for a curling wand. But if you want to have different choices, then a curling iron comes in different brands or sizes which offer contain interchangeable irons are good for you.

If you just utilize each tool accurately and you can also master the arts and designs for adding curls, then either curling wand or curling iron is good for hairstyling techniques. However, if you are still in doubt between the two styling tools, then why don’t you try to have both of the equipment and use them on creating hairstyles? By personally experiencing the tools, you can easily choose the right one for you. You may also explore some ways on how to curl your hair with straigthner and be amazed on its great outcomes.