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Curling Wand or Curling Iron – Know What is Right for Your Hair Type

Curling wand is quite different from curling iron. These two styling tools have distinctive uses and must be used according to the types and conditions of your hair. If you are in doubt on what to use for your hair type between these two options, then you may keep in touch on the succeeding discussions since we will explain to you the difference, functions, uses and some other things about these two styling tools – curling wand and curling iron.

curling wandUsing either curling wand or curling iron is a nice option for the enhancement of your hair appearance. These two hairstyling equipment can add luscious waves and curls to your locks. However, it always depends on the appropriate tool to be utilized so that you can easily use the tools and you can achieve what you want for your hair. For you to be guided and be aided on what tools to be utilized for your hair types you can read at StraightenerGirl is a cool site for girls or you can take some pieces of information below:

Utilizing the Tool:

A curling wand does not have a grip to hold the strands on place. So, for you to curl your locks, you must have to twist the strands along the wand’s length by your own bare hands. Then, you need to hold your hair in a proper position until it is already on set. This thing can be time consuming and fiddly, especially during your first styling sessions. When you hair is already set in position, curling wand can quickly creates curls since its get very hot.

Unlike with a curling wand, a curling iron has a clasp on it. For to curl your strands, then you have to place your hair ends on the clasp and twist the styling tool so that your strands will be wrapped around it. Then, manually hold the tool on your hair until your hair is already curled. Actually, it is easier to setup some styles on your hair using a curling iron because it features a clasp which helps you in doing the hairstyling procedures. However, you have to carefully use it while on the process because the clasp of the curling iron might snag onto your hair and may cause damage and tangles.

What is the Perfect Tool for You?

Here are some of the things, suggestions and conditions that you need to consider so that you will know what kind of tool to be utilized for your hairstyling procedures:

  • Try to make use of a curling want if you want faster and smoother results.
  • You can utilize a curling iron if you will perform styling session which is not very fiddly. This type of hairstyling tool will not give you much strain in your hands or arms.

Curling Tools – The Size of Its Curls

curling wand A curling wand will let you create unusual sized curls because of the barrel’s cone shape. If you want to have thicker curls, then try to utilize thick base end. But if you want to have tighter and smaller curls, then you can make use of the pointed/thinner end. On the other hand, the barrel of a curling iron is generally uniform on its size. For you to be able to have unusual sized curls, then you need to utilize diverse size barrels or curling irons.

What is a Perfect Tool for the Size You Wanted?

Of course, there’s a perfect tool which provide better outcome for your desired hair look. If you want a simple hairstyling tool that provides curling variety, you may then opt for a curling wand. But if you want to have different choices, then a curling iron comes in different brands or sizes which offer contain interchangeable irons are good for you.

If you just utilize each tool accurately and you can also master the arts and designs for adding curls, then either curling wand or curling iron is good for hairstyling techniques. However, if you are still in doubt between the two styling tools, then why don’t you try to have both of the equipment and use them on creating hairstyles? By personally experiencing the tools, you can easily choose the right one for you. You may also explore some ways on how to curl your hair with straigthner and be amazed on its great outcomes.

Hair Tips and Pieces of Advice – Broaden Your Knowledge during Salon Visit

There are numerous women who tend to go directly to their nearest salon so as to have a hair makeover. Some of them don’t have any idea about the best hairstyles for them. So, most of them ask an advice or tips top their hairstylists on what style that is nice for them. If you are one of them who are quite in doubt with what hair looks you wanted, then you have to explore first the different designs and styles which are good for your stance.

Get an affordable maintenance lookYou may do some online research first and gather some photos related to your face shape. If you have some more time, then you can even go to your friend’s house and ask their opinions about the best hairstyle suited for your complexion and overall outlook. However, if you want an easy way for you to have the best suggestion for your hairdo, then you can make use of the tips and pieces of advice that were listed below. The following lists will give you the idea on how to keep the best looks for your locks before you proceed on your nearest salon:

  • Get an affordable maintenance lookShort hair needs numerous trims so as to keep your hair in good shape. So, if you don’t want to visit your salon in a few months, then you may decide to have a mid-length or even longer length style. It is also a nice idea to get an affordable maintenance cut so as to always attain a nice and comfortable appearance. It is also ideal and recommendable to have a cut which does not need numerous styling procedures like blunt end or minimal layering.
  • Look on your locks – If you tend to look on your locks, then you can greatly avoid breakage and split ends that would normally require regular salon visitation for hair checkup. Once needed, you may wash your hair and utilize regular hair treatment. When you are also doing heat styling, then you should protect your hair using some recommendable styling products.
  • Learn some ways in covering up the roots of your hair – If you have an issue about growing hair, then you should learn how to create touch-up at home. You may also try to fix your hair appearance using headbands, mascara, zigzag hair parts or scarves so as to disguise the roots of your hair until you get into the services of the salon.
  • Make sure that the color of your hair would lastMake sure that the color of your hair would last – Make sure that you get a color type of hair which will see you through. You can choose to wear an ombre look or sun-kissed highlights where the color fade and roots are not a huge factor even if you visit your nearest salon after a few months. Just in case different tones and highlights are not your favorites, then you may select a soled color which is 2 shades within the natural color of your hair. Any fading looks and growth may look more natural as you choose this kind of hair color.
  • Choose natural type and texture hairstyles – Say for an instance that you have a curly hair, and then try to learn how to scrunch it. You may then choose for a heat-free style which limits breakage and hair damage. This may also allow you to visit your nearest salon as regular as possible.

Be guided with those tips, suggestions and some pieces of advice for you to have a well physical hair appearance before you go directly to the salon nearby. Be amazed on how you look with the best ways for your hairstyling procedures!

Choosing an Ideal Hair Brush for You

Styling tools are greatly needed for you to break or make your looks. In fact, these tools can even shape your hair onto a particular design or style. If you know a specific brush type to be used for your hair, then you can surely achieve a remarkable hairstyle finish which you want. As much as possible, you have to be guided well with the best hairstyling tips so as to attain the best looks that you wanted. Find out now the ideal hair brush to utilize when you are about to create styles on your hair.

Try to take a look on the following tips and suggestions that would serve as your guide in having the best hairstyle ever:

  • Short hairShort hair – If your hair is short, then you can make use of a vented brush since it allows the heat from the blow-dryer in passing through the brushing tool and it will go directly to your locks. This will help your to get dried easily and quickly. This will also aid you to shape your locks onto a sassy short hairdo.
  • Medium length hair – Having a medium length hair could provide great benefits and advantages from looks which have body and shape in them. For you to achieve this stunning look, you just cannot go past on the application of a round brush for hair. Using a round hair brush could give you the chance to add curls and shape as you do the styling on your hair. This must be relatively easier since the length of your hair locks is not too long or too short.
  • Long hair – This length of hair works well using a paddle brush. In fact, a paddle brush is great for getting and detangling through longer hair lengths without great effort in pulling. This will also guarantee a nice outcome to your hair appearance since it can also prevent further hair damage.
  • Curly hairstylesStraight hairstyles – To achieve the best outcomes for a straight and sleek hairstyle, then you may opt to utilize a paddle brush. A round brush type may also work, especially if you like to pull your hair taunt and nice. Do not curl the strands around your brush and hold your hair while blow-drying because it may end up adding some curls instead.
  • Curly hairstyles – for those women who have curly hairstyles, using of a round brush is also a good choice. A round brush has the ability to enfold your locks aroun your hairstyling tool and its bristles will help you to create more styles for your hair. For curly hair and looks, utilization of any round brush is a perfect thing to do.  for you to be able to get a perfect curl you wanted, you may also opt to use a small brush type that is also round.
  • Wet hair – Most of you might utuilize a regular comb when brushing wet hair. Well, that may also do. However, if you decide to use a brush for brushing your wet hair, then it is advisable to utilize a type of brush that has huge space bristles, flexible bristles, padded bristles or even natural bristtles. Using this type can give you the assurance that you are utilizing the gentlest brush which can be suitable on some delicate wet strands/hair.
  • Fine hair – One of the best options for a fine hair type is a brush which allows you to add volume on your hair. A round type of brush is also perfect for this hair type. So, you have to learn and explore how to perfectly utilize it through the strands, especially when doing some styles on your hair. This could capture your fine hair into a fabulous look.

We hope that these tips and suggestions being mentioned above will help you in choosing an ideal brush based from your hair condition, length and overall style.

How to Enhance Your Hair Color While Selecting Your Skin Tone

Have you seen some people who have hair color which just pops? Their secret is that they just match their hair color to their skin tone. Actually, there are various types of complexions and these complexions are categorized into 2 diverse skin tone groups – cool or warm.

Cool skin toneFor you to be able to have a vivid understanding about these categories, let me show you its difference and some explanations about them. Try to take a glimpse on the following skin tone categories:

  • Cool skin tone – Women with blue or pink skin undertones are categorized into cool class. It means that the colors of their hair which have cool overtone will primarily look natural on you.
  • Warm skin tone – Women with golden or yellowish skin undertone must have warm type of skin tone. Those hair colors that have warm overtone will primarily look better and more natural on you. This hair color is suitable for a warm make-up, great accessories and proper clothing. Hence, it is important to get the perfect color hair for a nicer look.

 Warm skin tone

How to Select Your Skin Tone

The fastest way to work it out if you have cool or warm skin tone is to  have a good look at your arm’s veins while you in a natural light. If the color of your veins while in a natural light looks green, then you have warm skin tone. But, if it looks like blue, then you have cool skin tone.

Utilizing Your Skin Tone in Enhancing Your Hair Color

Once you have already established the tone of your skin, then you can make use of it to find hair color that will be suitable for you. This will then bring out an exceptional outcome to your facial features. For you to understand the essence of knowing the tone of your skin and how it helps you in enhancing the color of your hair, you definitely need to look on some proofs. Below are some examples of cool and warm complexion and their differences when looking at, especially when combined with cool or warm hair color:

  1. Warm Complexion with Warm Hair ColorWarm Complexion with Warm Hair ColorThrough matching a copper blonde color of hair with a warm cream and peach complexion, it’s good to have hair color which blends well on your skin color. This could enhance your looks and can provide you with natural physical outlook. 
  1. Warm Complexion with Cool Hair Color Once we switch a warm type of hair color for a cool violet, then we can see that a cool hair color may drain your skin tone and it may leave with a boring and underrated color of hair. Take a look at the photo on the right side so as to clearly see the difference. 
  1. Warm Complexion with Cool Hair ColorCool Complexion with Warm Hair ColorThrough mixing a cool and fair to a quite light complexion combined with an ultra mild golden blonde color of hair, then you can see a great difference on your skin color. It proves there that inappropriate hair color really provides nothing, especially when it comes to physical outlook enhancement.



  1. Cool Complexion with Warm Hair ColorCool Complexion with Cool Hair Color – If you also try a cool light brown color of hair, your cool skin complexion will really brighten up and what you may notice is a hair color type which is really suitable to your skin tone. Take a look at the photo at the right side to have a clear imagination about it.


Of course, there are some exceptions wherein combinations of cool and warm hair colors may be utilized together in several techniques for some specific purposes. But these exceptions should be highly considered by those well-trained hairstylists so that you can always have the best outcome for your hair appearance. Now that you already know the tone of your skin, you may also utilize several color options for your hair which you may see and explore online. You can even check out some more reviews and photos of hair colors that would be suitable for your skin tone.Cool Complexion with Cool Hair Color