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How to Enhance Your Hair Color While Selecting Your Skin Tone

Have you seen some people who have hair color which just pops? Their secret is that they just match their hair color to their skin tone. Actually, there are various types of complexions and these complexions are categorized into 2 diverse skin tone groups – cool or warm.

Cool skin toneFor you to be able to have a vivid understanding about these categories, let me show you its difference and some explanations about them. Try to take a glimpse on the following skin tone categories:

  • Cool skin tone – Women with blue or pink skin undertones are categorized into cool class. It means that the colors of their hair which have cool overtone will primarily look natural on you.
  • Warm skin tone – Women with golden or yellowish skin undertone must have warm type of skin tone. Those hair colors that have warm overtone will primarily look better and more natural on you. This hair color is suitable for a warm make-up, great accessories and proper clothing. Hence, it is important to get the perfect color hair for a nicer look.

 Warm skin tone

How to Select Your Skin Tone

The fastest way to work it out if you have cool or warm skin tone is to  have a good look at your arm’s veins while you in a natural light. If the color of your veins while in a natural light looks green, then you have warm skin tone. But, if it looks like blue, then you have cool skin tone.

Utilizing Your Skin Tone in Enhancing Your Hair Color

Once you have already established the tone of your skin, then you can make use of it to find hair color that will be suitable for you. This will then bring out an exceptional outcome to your facial features. For you to understand the essence of knowing the tone of your skin and how it helps you in enhancing the color of your hair, you definitely need to look on some proofs. Below are some examples of cool and warm complexion and their differences when looking at, especially when combined with cool or warm hair color:

  1. Warm Complexion with Warm Hair ColorWarm Complexion with Warm Hair ColorThrough matching a copper blonde color of hair with a warm cream and peach complexion, it’s good to have hair color which blends well on your skin color. This could enhance your looks and can provide you with natural physical outlook. 
  1. Warm Complexion with Cool Hair Color Once we switch a warm type of hair color for a cool violet, then we can see that a cool hair color may drain your skin tone and it may leave with a boring and underrated color of hair. Take a look at the photo on the right side so as to clearly see the difference. 
  1. Warm Complexion with Cool Hair ColorCool Complexion with Warm Hair ColorThrough mixing a cool and fair to a quite light complexion combined with an ultra mild golden blonde color of hair, then you can see a great difference on your skin color. It proves there that inappropriate hair color really provides nothing, especially when it comes to physical outlook enhancement.



  1. Cool Complexion with Warm Hair ColorCool Complexion with Cool Hair Color – If you also try a cool light brown color of hair, your cool skin complexion will really brighten up and what you may notice is a hair color type which is really suitable to your skin tone. Take a look at the photo at the right side to have a clear imagination about it.


Of course, there are some exceptions wherein combinations of cool and warm hair colors may be utilized together in several techniques for some specific purposes. But these exceptions should be highly considered by those well-trained hairstylists so that you can always have the best outcome for your hair appearance. Now that you already know the tone of your skin, you may also utilize several color options for your hair which you may see and explore online. You can even check out some more reviews and photos of hair colors that would be suitable for your skin tone.Cool Complexion with Cool Hair Color